[-empyre-] Anne and Ben: thinking about fluid identities and making connections

Renate Terese Ferro rferro at cornell.edu
Tue Feb 17 10:30:48 AEDT 2015

Ben sometimes threads on -empyre run parallel to one another.  You and
Murat have had some pretty pointed and specific discussions in regards to
your technical work and how it translates but as Anne Balsamo writes this
post I think about our early discussion just last week and am wondering if
you might have any ideas for Anne. I am reposting this one segment here
from her last post especially given your theoretical thinking about fluid
identities.  Want to take a try at this one.  Any I ideas at all?

Anne Balsamo wrote:
"Right now we are in the process of modifying the FTN Commons to
accommodate our distributed pedagogies and collaborative work modes.  One
of the things we seek is a platform that allows for shared moderation
(among several participants), and increased flexibility in
user-typess.where ³instructors² and ³students² are more fluid identities
rather than fixed for the individual or the term of use.  This last point
is the one that has the developers most perplexed.  Accommodating fluid
identities within a given project space is non-trivial."

Thanks Ben for the incredibly thoughtful and provocative posts.  Renate


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