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hi ana & all,
the event in umea that ana mentions was the Eclectic Tech Carnival, or
/etc (http://www.eclectictechcarnival.org/), that has been happening in
various places since 2002, & most recently last year in collaboration
with Calafou as the THF - TransHackFeminist camp in august last year.
(the report from the THF is here: http://transhackfeminist.noblogs.org/
- spanish first, scroll down for english).

i haven't been able to read all the emails to follow this week's
discussion properly, but i think it is important to mention the /etc &
other non-institutional feminist tech activities that have been
providing feminist tech learning & sharing spaces for a long time. the
/etc is organised with minimal or no funding & has no institutional
affiliations, altho sometimes events like the one in umea are organised
by individuals with institutional affiliations so they can access

the /etc has always been about skill-sharing, creating our own learning
spaces where we are all learning from each other; feminist & more
recently trans-feminist; & open source. typically events include
practical hardware workshops (taking computers apart & putting them back
together), programming, theoretical discussions & some art as well.

i don't know how relevant it is to this discussion, but at transmediale
this year the event "commoning the networks: feminist methodology"
brought together people from a number of interconnected networks
including the /etc, genderchangers, THF, furtherfield, constant, faces,
& various others. the discussions from this event are continuing.

it's good to make the connections between things happening in different
spheres :)

h : )

On 17/02/15 12:06 16AM, Ana Valdés wrote:
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> Hi Renate I has been lurking for a while working with a lot of projects we want to start a kind of -empyre similar list in Spanish :) and I am going to curate a hub if discussions and seminar about urbane strategies and resilience. We are going to work with Spanish and Latinamerican artists and architects collectives. 
> I participated some years ago in a Feminist Tech Carnival in the city of Umea in the North of Sweden, with female techs from Austria England Netherlands and Sweden. Ruth Catlow from Furtherfield was there Annemie Maes from Belgium and Ockno tech lab was there too.
> We sended text messages to machines embroidering them we did maps and bots it was very fun and empowering.
> Some years ago I organised a workshop about computer games for girls in gGaza and in Syria in Damascus and it was a great experience of sharing and learning.
> Ana
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>> 16 feb 2015 kl. 15:44 skrev Renate Terese Ferro <rferro at cornell.edu>:
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>> Ana it is always good to hear from you on -empyre.  Where are you these
>> days?  I am wondering what you thought about the cultural influences  on
>> technology from  your perspective. Are there trends you see in art making,
>> social media, theory that relate to our topic and networked and digital
>> culture? 
>> Renate
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