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Last I spoke with Stefie she was in Vienna writing her PhD:)
She had a very interesting workshop in Brussels, in Okno, a place where
techs, hackers, artists and theorics work together
the link is http://okno.be

They make very interesting projects making gardens in the roofs, monitoring
bees and a lot of cool stuff


On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 9:58 PM, Renate Terese Ferro <rferro at cornell.edu>

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> Renate responded.  Thanks Ana!  How small our world is.  My apologies for
> responding so late but I have been so overwhelmed since I arrived back in
> town from NYC where the College Art Association was held.  Have you had
> any other sightings of Stephanie Wuschitz.  I know she was writing her PHD
> thesis on women and technology.  The cultural nuances in relation to
> digital culture is one that we do need to consider and  reflect on a bit
> more.
> Thank you so much for sharing these recollections with us especially in
> our current political climate.
> Renate
> Ana wrote:
> Stefanie was a participant as well of our workshop in Damascus Syria
> together with Palestinian girls using games as narrative of the diaspora
> and trying to empower them to play a more active role in the society.
> Syria was at that time a rather secularists society where women had
> possibilities to study and work. The Sharia laws were not applicable and
> both Christian and Moslem communities lived side by side, such different
> than today's sectarism.
> Ana
> El feb 17, 2015 10:52 AM, "Renate Terese Ferro" <rferro at cornell.edu>
> escribió:
> ...
> > A few years ago at Harvestwork in New York City, Stefanie Wuschitz  from
> > Vienna collaborated with Harvestwork¹s 2010 Artist In Residence Lesley
> > Flanigan to
> > host a two day workshop for  women artists on interactive tools.  I
> > attended that event and though the mission of the workshop was to
> > demystify the tools of technology, I recognized that to teach or share
> > only the technology was not addressing the complicated and embedded
> >layers
> > of social, cultural and
> > political values that are inscribed in these tools. Many of our
> > technological innovations originated from our military industrial
> >complex.
> > Unless critically
> > dissected and understood  these  patriarchal systems simply remain
> > unchecked.  I have been a proponent since I began working in digital
> > culture and technology to create and teach from a critical perspective,
> > one that is cross-disciplinary where tools and technology do not exist in
> > the void of the workshop or lab but where they were understood as a ways
> > and means to be thought through via other disciplines and modes of
> > communication.
> >
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