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Over the next few days I thought I would introduce a new thread and open
it up to our subscriber list especially those of you interested in
performance based work and technology.  Just this past week the
choreographer William Forsythe was in residence at Cornell University;
Bill¹s latest work revolves around the choreographic object.

Forsythe writes: 
A choreographic object is not a substitute for the body, but rather an
alternative site for the understanding of potential instigation and
organization of action to reside.  Ideally, choreographic ideas in this
form would draw and alternative, diverse readership that would eventually
understand and, hopefully, champion the innumerable manifestations of, old
and new, of choreographic thinking.²

Several of his latest works use objects such as the 400 pendulums
suspended on overhanging sleds in his piece Nowhere and Everywhere at the
Same Time

Or the robotic arms used in his piece Black Flags

Additionally, Forsythe in collaboration with others at  Ohio State
University created a motion databank which can be seen at the website

Hope those of you involved in somatic practices and technology will share
some of the tools, technologies and conceptual ideas that are inspired by
them with us over the next few day.s

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