[-empyre-] on feminism and the cyclical nature of tools and technologies

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Thu Feb 26 11:21:00 AEDT 2015

Great point Simon.

I personally strive to be a generalist myself, and I wonder if others
think of themselves this way as a response what seems like the
increasing narrowness of knowledge and specialization?

On 15-02-25 02:44 PM, Simon Biggs wrote:
> There are technicians who can teach technical systems within a
> theoretical and artistic context, just as there are theorists and
> artists who can teach high-level technical skills. The problem is
> that these people remain relatively rare occurrences in academe. If
> you move to a model where technique, practice and theory are all
> taught separately you will quickly lose sight of how everything fits
> together as a whole and de-skill individuals through a process of
> silo-isation and specialisation. Multi-skilled, knowledgeable and
> thoughtful people will become even rarer.

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