[-empyre-] on feminism and the cyclical nature of tools and technologies

Flourish Klink flourish at blotts.org
Fri Feb 27 03:40:02 AEDT 2015

Renate, you write

Many of our subscribers are avid readers but choose to be
> lurkers and do not post because they fear being judged or perhaps they
> feel that more responsive writing and discussion may be held against
> them at some point in the future.  Our mission remains though as often
> as possible to curate a wide-variety of viewpoints and topics and to be
> as inclusive as is possible.

I just joined empyre, after finding out about it from Alan Sondheim, and
wanted to mention that I felt very intimidated by the site and by joining -
not so much because of the academic language but because it was not at all
clear to me that discussion was welcome.

The way that the site frames it, it seems like each "thread" is curated to
have certain members discussing a topic, and that suggests that other
discussion is unwelcome. I was put off by this but joined anyway on the
theory that if Alan liked empyre it must be pretty great.

Obviously, I can't speak to almost anything else in this thread, but I
thought I'd offer my newbie perspective. Now I realize that discussion is
indeed encouraged from all people at all times, I'll be jumping in more -
but it was not intuitive. Perhaps a welcome email of some sort would be a
good way to introduce people to the norms of the community?

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