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I think it is a question of finding a community that is ready and willing to
coalesce around an idea and its tools, which is what Melinda alluded to when
she said to just go ahead and create it and people will come. That is
extremely sage advice, because essentially the role of the artist is to
model an idea or a concept or even a way of doing things that is ahead of
its time, hence avant-garde sensibilities ultimately lead the way. Imagine
Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz putting up a satellite broadcast
connecting New York and LA in real time in 1980, when no had seen such a
thing. People certainly gathered around that idea and history was born with
Hole in Space. I¹m sure it was an incredibly complicated undertaking but
they believed passionately in the idea and they were able to demonstrate it.
That is the power of the artist leading through the conceptualization of an
idea and its execution.

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On 25/02/15 9:48 58PM, Randall Packer wrote:
> That said, the tools available today are far more favorable for discussion
> revolving around new media art and theory,
 if today's new tools really are more favourable for discussion, then why
aren't we using them? some of my projects have included trying to get
discussion & debate happening via blogs & forums & social media tools, & it
just doesn't happen. it could be that for some reason i'm not very good at
this, but i see other people struggle to do it as well. meanwhile email is
direct, quick & easy, so it doesn't surprise me at all that mailing lists
continue to be the places where discussions happen :)
On 26/02/15 8:04 41AM, Melinda Rackham wrote:
> And in Argentina the Net Party co-founded in May 2012 by Pia Mancini, and run
> from her laptop on the go, have created DemocracyOS, an open-source platform
> for voting and political debate. It works on smart phone, tablet and laptop -
> anyone can download, install and repurpose much like WordPress blogging
> software. Its now being used in Tunisia as well.
> http://democracyos.org
 this looks similar to Loomio, https://www.loomio.org/, which came out of
the Occupy movement & is developed in nz.
 h : )
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