[-empyre-] on feminism and the cyclical nature of tools and technologies

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Fri Feb 27 05:25:42 AEDT 2015

dear all

the jump is a good way,
and moderators are usually encouraging all views and all languages (not just academic ones) at any time or hour of day of a discussion
theme that lasts a certain length (a month), and the beauty that I have felt, over the years, in the tools and techniques of thought and motion
posted here would only have been diminished when I sensed that many or most of our fellow subscribers are perhaps less comfortable
jumping or felt, as Flourish and others have suggested, excluded or silenced, and sometimes that silence ensues in a discussion when
some voices are heard and others not (answered), and the feminist histories addressed here earlier by many here this month, tell most likely a similar
story (that's also a story of museums, theatre, film production hierarchies, television channels, educational sectors, science labs,
political parties, unions, and so on)... 

Incidentally, did you hear of Argentine writer Carla Zaccagnini’s "Elements of Beauty", a book in which she tells stories of early 20th century
suffragettes, and the violent and frequent attacks carried out by militant members of the Women’s Social
and Political Union, on a number of artworks and artefacts in English and Scottish museums; and then these women went to prison for it?

Johannes Birringer

[Flourish schreibt]
>>I just joined empyre, after finding out about it from Alan Sondheim, and
wanted to mention that I felt very intimidated by the site and by joining -
not so much because of the academic language but because it was not at all
clear to me that discussion was welcome.

The way that the site frames it, it seems like each "thread" is curated to
have certain members discussing a topic, and that suggests that other
discussion is unwelcome. I was put off by this but joined anyway on the
theory that if Alan liked empyre it must be pretty great.

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