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thanks melinda - that's a great & hilarious, article, said helen,
wearing a green jumper and yoga pants, with her hair sticking out at odd
angles. i especially like the bit where the writer describes other media
coverage as being "overtly sexist" ... :D

it will be interesting to see what happens with all of the myriad
alternative grassroots movements as they get slowly sucked towards the
mainstream vortext. i wonder how inevitable it really is, & what it
would take to break that cycle.

h : )

On 27/02/15 1:34 25PM, Melinda Rackham wrote:
> Helen hi
> if it comes from NZ its good! its astounding how there are so many groups doing similar things.. building and sharing tools and resources that seek to expose corruption, inequity, injustice, with a view to building a different social order.  Occupy, Anonymous, Wikileaks come immediately to mind, and there are many others.
> I guess my fear is that while we/they start off with the best intent and high ideals we/they are fraught human animals and we always risk replicating the exact system that we fight against. The abused becomes the abuser etc. Its that cyclic thing, and in 20 - 50 years another wave of new thinking and social order will rail against the inequalities of that day.
> We are very used to mainstream media disenfranchising the new politic. But whats really came out of left field is the Vogue coverage of WikiLeaks editor Sarah Harrison who got Edward Snowdon out of HK and into hiding in Moscow airport for 6 weeks -  "How a Snowdenista Kept the NSA Leaker Hidden in a Moscow Airport"
> http://www.vogue.com/11122973/sarah-harrison-edward-snowden-wikileaks-nsa/
> The trench coat, the hair, the styling... activism is apparently uber chic now, and dressing well is a useful tool for international espionage.
> but I've digressed...
> more somewhere else..
> Melinda
>> On 27 Feb 2015, at 1:17 am, helen varley jamieson <helen at creative-catalyst.com> wrote:
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>> On 25/02/15 9:48 58PM, Randall Packer wrote:
>>> That said, the tools available today are far more favorable for discussion revolving around new media art and theory,
>> if today's new tools really are more favourable for discussion, then why aren't we using them? some of my projects have included trying to get discussion & debate happening via blogs & forums & social media tools, & it just doesn't happen. it could be that for some reason i'm not very good at this, but i see other people struggle to do it as well. meanwhile email is direct, quick & easy, so it doesn't surprise me at all that mailing lists continue to be the places where discussions happen :)
>> On 26/02/15 8:04 41AM, Melinda Rackham wrote:
>>> And in Argentina the Net Party co-founded in May 2012 by Pia Mancini, and run from her laptop on the go, have created DemocracyOS, an open-source platform for voting and political debate. It works on smart phone, tablet and laptop - anyone can download, install and repurpose much like WordPress blogging software. Its now being used in Tunisia as well.
>>> http://democracyos.org
>> this looks similar to Loomio, https://www.loomio.org/, which came out of the Occupy movement & is developed in nz.
>> h : )
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