[-empyre-] Thank you! Plant Art and New Media

Renate Terese Ferro rferro at cornell.edu
Mon Jul 6 11:49:39 AEST 2015

Thanks to Patrick, Natasha, and Selmin for taking over the helm for the
July discussion and thanks to all of your guests for dedicating this past
month to plants.  So many great issues were raised and for me most
definitively it will be one I return to in the future. Tim Murray and I
just returned from the Venice Biennale and were struck by the number of
pavilions that were dedicated to the intersections between art and
science. A very timely discussion.

We will be introducing a new topic and moderators tomorrow so stay tuned.
Happy July. 

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On 7/4/15, 3:15 PM, "Patrick Keilty" <p.keilty at utoronto.ca> wrote:

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>Hi all,
>I just wanted to wrap up last month's discussion by thanking all of
>the discussants. It was an excellent conversation, and one I am sure I
>will refer back to as a resource for future research. Just a reminder
>that you can find an automated archive of the empyre discussions here:
>Specifically, I also want to thank Natasha Myers for her incredible
>patience, and for inspiring this month's discussion. Thank you to
>Selmin for helping to organize the month. Once again, I want to thank
>Jasmeen Bains, Yi Zhou, Jo Simalaya Alcampo, Alana Bartol, Amanda
>White, Pei-Ying Lin, Špela Petrič, Dimitrios Stamatis, Jasmina Weiss,
>Laura Cinti, Grégory Lasserre, and Anaïs met den Ancxt! Finally, I
>also want to thank Murat Nemet-Nejat, Johannes Birringer, and everyone
>else who helped to make this such a galvanizing discussion.
>Now I'll let Renate open up the month of July.
>Happy summer!
>Patrick Keilty
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>Faculty of Information
>Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies
>University of Toronto
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