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Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Mon Jul 13 22:15:54 AEST 2015

dear all

[George schreibt]

“digital  dispositifs" are before all else instruments that engender *subjectifying
processes*” (2010) in relation to users. Therefore, the most creative
contributions emerge on the side of the observers / spectators, inevitably
leading to *intersubjective relationships*, both as acts of reception and
interpretation, as well as in authorial-creative processes....

The term dispositif was used here in its French spelling, since an
equivalent does not exist in English dictionaries, having been
replaced by the term apparatus or device; although I should add that I
have lately noticed an increased use of the term dispositif in the
field of relationships and influences between art/media/technology in
order to promote a kind of unlimited eclecticism, where the exemplary
esthetic model is the installation.

could you perhaps say a bit more, George, about your thoughts on what an interface is,
what you feel is "fewer" or lesser about installations (you want to limit interactive dispostifs
to "disk support"??), and what you mean by such dispositifs being highly personalized? or 
are you taking this view from someone else (Agamben)?  Why are installations eclectic? 
The notion of participatory density seems very interested, I think, although I have of course
also observed resistance or indifference to the often "obligatory" imperative (in museums, etc) to

For example in the public and performance based contexts where I have worked on exploring
the various social, psychological, kinaesthetic and technical modalities of dispositifs (and we
started a performance blog on dispositif in 2010), the apparatuses were never personalized except
to the extent that one can think of "subjective" experience of responses (within rule bound systems) of the players
and interactors (or resistors). 


Johannes Birringer

(Today:  Booklaunch of our "Manfesto on Interactional Art,"  July 13,  Saarländisches Lünstlerhaus, Saarbrücken, 20:oo)


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