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I’ve just been reading through the exchange about errors, mistakes and such.

I’ve been interested in these matters re technology and new tech for sometime.

Not sure if I go with S. Turkle’s suggestion here http://web.mit.edu/sturkle/www/pdfsforstwebpage/Turkle_how_computers_change_way_we_think.pdf that bugs in software are not readable in the way that other ‘slips’ are. Also presumably though something fundamental has changed with the emergence of new technology and the associated systems

My practice has involved interaction, misreading and fault finding in the contemporary technological infrastructure. Recently for example I’ve been using supermarket self-checkout machines to buy nothing. They still talk back and give you receipts as evidence of the non-transaction. See spiel and  links below:


It turns out that it is possible to use supermarket self-checkout machines to buy nothing. The artist interacted frequently with the machines in this way during a three month period, collecting over one hundred zero-transaction receipts. The film Exchanging uses a transcription of one exchange with a member of staff, in September 2014, and the receipt obtained.

Links to film and other outcomes:

Audio: www.soundcloud.com/mocksim/self-checkout-interaction 
Audio: www.soundcloud.com/mocksim/self-checkout-1 
Book: www.artsproducts.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/less.html 
Film (4’15’’ loop): https://vimeo.com/126480392 

Transcription poem:

Artist: Can I keep that?
Staff: Yes you may.
Staff: There's nothing on it.
Artist: I know yea.
Artist: It's quite interesting to see a zero.
Staff: Okay.

Micheál O’Connell
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