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Tonight, from a small refuge in upstate New York, I'm packing my bags and
thinking of time travel... see Calin and I have been working on a small
exhibition on a topic related to sleep, and intersubjectivity (of course).
Yes, time travel, perhaps the most utopian project of all. Calin's time
machine will be activated this Friday in Arad, Romania -- you're all
invited to join. http://kinema-ikon.net/

This short preface is an added excuse, to introduce our last two
participants for this month's discussion: Susan Barnes & Diana Marincu.
Sue, a practicing medium and a distinguished professor, has been writing
about communication, technology and social media for many years now. Diana
is brilliant young art historian and curator based in Bucharest, who most
recently curated the exhibition "Inventing the Truth" for the Venice
Biennale of this year http://www.inventingthetruth.com/about/

We invite you once more to this final round of discussion for the month of
July, with thanks for all your contributions thus far.

Biographies follow -->

Diana Marincu (b. 1986) is a Ph.D. candidate at the National
University of Art in Bucharest, Art History and Theory Department,
with a research focusing on the curatorial discourses built in
relation with political and geographical criteria in the last twenty
years of exhibition making. She writes art reviews in Arta, IDEA
arts+society, Poesis International, and other publications.

Dr. Susan B. Barnes is a communication professor, medium, and Spirit
Artist. She is an award winning professor who has been trained in
mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College and The International
Spiritualist Federation. She is a member of the National Spiritualist
Union. Her work has been featured in the Psychic Observer and in
several television programs. In addition to mediumship, she has
conducted Spirit Art circles in and around Lily Dale. Moreover, she is
the author of five books including: Visual Communication: From Cave
Art to Second Life.
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