[-empyre-] Engineering the University : Week 03 : Bettivia and Flanders

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Sat Mar 21 10:22:55 AEDT 2015

I'd like to here more about this issue of representing gender. We did
touch on it last week, but it felt like it never really got fleshed out.
How is gender represented in standardized markup language?

On 15-03-18 07:33 PM, Hamilton, Kevin wrote:
> Julia wouldn't remember me I'm sure, but I had the pleasure of taking a
> TEI workshop from her once, in my first (and last) introduction to the
> complexities of standardized markup language for scholarly texts. I
> remember hearing her and the other workshop leader talking about the
> question of gender, for example, and what fields might exist in a
> standardized markup language for indicating the gender of a character in a
> narrative, etc. What a rich opening for newbies like me, to see where
> matters of gender get literally encoded in machine-readable language, but
> also debated through those looking to set standards, arbitrate them,
> comment on them, etc. (Sorry for the broad brush Julia, but something
> stuck in there for me, even if it wasn't what was really going on : )

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