[-empyre-] Is boredom a luxury? WAS: Welcome to May: Boredom: Labor, Use and Time

John Stadler john.paul.stadler at gmail.com
Sat May 9 08:26:08 AEST 2015

In addition to the question I set out with (Is boredom antithetical to
pleasure?), I'm highlighting what for me remain some of the big
questions from your last post, and for which I don't have answers.
Thanks for the thoughtful response!

> "...why it is that boredom arises as a kind of problem to be solved. Or
> is boredom a problem? Is it an existential state that merely describes
> or something we're always seeking to resolve?"

> Is boredom a luxury? Do only those that have the time to step back and
> think about the big picture get to escape the trap of constant
> consumption? Is boredom a requirement for critical thinking?

> Perhaps we are meant to be bored because boredom gives us the
> opportunity to change.


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