[-empyre-] Welcome to Week 2 on -empyre-: Boredom: Labor, Use and Time

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Mon May 11 01:39:06 AEST 2015

Welcome to Emilie St. Hilaire and Lyn Goeringiner for agreeing to be our
guests for Week 2 on -empyre:  Boredom:  Labor, Use and Time.  We are
looking forward to having them both comment on  their own work and
reflections in relationship to our topic.  I¹m sitting out on my porch
today where the sun is shining, the trees are in full bloom writing this
introduction thinking about boredom.

Emilie St.Hilaire (CA) is an intermedia artist and recent MFA graduate
working with video and
installation to invite meditative encounters in which to re/consider
technology. Through the use of dark spaces lit by glowing screens and
subtle projections
Emilie's work creates space between the virtual and the real, the natural
and the artificial, light and dark. Emilie has also worked on
site-specific projects involving interactive installation and live-feed
video. Originally from the francophone community of St-Boniface, in
Winnipeg, Emilie will be joining the interdisciplinary Humanities Doctoral
Program at Concordia University, in Montreal, in the fall of 2015.

Lyn Goeringer is an intermedia artist, performer, and independent scholar.
Her research focuses on intermedia and interactive approaches to public
space and site-specific art practices with a particular focus on the
experience of the body in space. At the center of this research are
questions about how we as individuals create and navigate space, and the
ways in which larger government infrastructures influence how we navigate
public and private spheres. These questions driver her artistic practice
led her to work within a variety of media, including body-centered
cybernetic performance art that explores notions of privacy, wearable
controllers, audio walks and public sound art. As an extension of her
research in liminality within the Everyday, Goeringer also works with and
incorporate notions of play within labor practices into art and sound
composition especially within the context oflabor disruption, and was
invited to participate in the Cleveland Performance Art Festival in 2013
as a part of the ENACT exhibition. Curated by Anne Torke
and Nanette Yannuzzi. For this festival, she contributed a sound
performance piece for six performers titled Œbi-product of labor¹.  This
performance is part of a larger ongoing series of pieces the Œbi-product¹
of labor, which seeks to explore, catalog, and present the ways in which
we subvert labor practices in daily life. In November of 2013, the next
iteration of Œbi-product of labor¹ will be on view in Abu Dhabi at Studio
1054. http://www.lyngoeringer.com/portfolio/?page_id=353

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