[-empyre-] Welcome to Week 2 on -empyre-: Boredom: Labor, Use and Time

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Sat May 16 07:40:12 AEST 2015

Hello Murat,

I just wanted to answer the following question as my last message before
my trip:

> If in the moment of daydreaming trajectory cannot exist, how can we say
> possibly that an aware of daydreaming in the moment (therefore
> predictability) possible?

Is this the same as asking: How can we know we are daydreaming if the
context of daydreaming is devoid of memory or self-awareness?

Empirically, mind wandering is tested by whether a person is not
attending to something that are supposed to attend to (like an ongoing
task), or (if I recall properly) a lack of activity in areas of
executive function as shown in an fMRI.

I think pure mind wandering (the kind that is devoid of self-awareness
and trajectory) is rare. I think we oscillate around a lot between
task-positive and task-negative networks such that our awareness keeps
modulating. I would say we become aware of ourselves not attending to
the world and present in a context of memory, and then we don't; We
experience varying degrees of context awareness, self-awareness, and
external awareness.


PS: Thanks again all for the great discussions.

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