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Subject: boredom as a feeling of emtpiness...
To continue adding new nuances to the discussion about boredom I wonder if
boredom is not as well a feeling of emptiness. We try to fill the vaccum of
our lives adding things to entertain us. Literature is now based on
entertainment, once in a time literature used to be challenging, to provoke
reaction in the reader, to inspire new thoughts to confront the reader with
feelings and experiences from other people like himself or herself.
We have all those reality shows making us to believe reality is twelve ppl
in a house being filmed when they take showers when they eat when they
sleep when they argue.
We seems to live in a Big Brothers house where our acts are monitored by
thousand devices, drones, taped phones, hidden mics, candy cams...
I want to have boredom as a choice not as a punishment.



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long to return.
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