[-empyre-] Week Three Guests: Bernagozzi (x2), Bainbridge, Turim

Benton C Bainbridge bentoncbainbridge at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 01:41:22 AEST 2015

I'm still "processing" ;) the abundance of art, tech and artifacts I
enjoyed along with the huge crowd that packed the HCAG for "The
Experimental Television Center: A History, ETC..." In advance of my empyre
post-"ETC" exhibit post, I'd like to ask Jason Bernagozzi if he can write a
little bit about the "Wobbulator". I'm particularly interested in how the
control signals are being generated and fed to this modified TV to create
the raster patterns at Hunter. Jason, your introduction to the Wobbulator
during the Exhibition walk was informative and eloquent - could you put it
in writing for our "Video: Behind and Beyond" discussion?

thanks, Benton
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