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Shu Lea!

This is such a wonderful and perfect way to begin to wind down this month's topic!

Lest we forget that without compost, there are no nutrients, there is no soil, there is no food.

It is Spring here in NYC. And so the garlic I planted in my community garden is pushing its way out of the soil. I hope you'd be pleased to know that the garlic that I planted in the soil around trees along my street (guerrilla style) is similarly pushing through the soil. I wonder when people might realize it is there for the taking (and eating) for anyone who passes by.

May our data here on this list prove to also be useful compost in the net, and may artists continue to insert dirt into the machine. As Graham Harwood has been known to say: "Now is the Time for Filth". I think that is still true.


On Mar 31, 2016, at 11:54 AM, shu lea cheang wrote:

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> Dear amanda and artists....
> Indeed, thanks for bring up all the wonderful art projects/research on food matters.
> Before we close the month's topics. i dont think we can ever get into waste and data
> question you posed to me when mention two of my works-
> composting the city
> composting the net
> I just want to give this link on composting the net
> http://compostingthenet.net
> which composting mail list data drawn from its open archive. empyre list included.
> so, words, bits, pixels do get composted for good cause, eternal growth.
> check out your scrambled post for later day recovery.
> best
> sl
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