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Before I dash out to my event, I just stumbled upon this post, that my colleague Stephen Satterfield posted on FaceSuck. 

In relationship to your conversation about the culture of food, it struck some chords....

My colleague Stephen writes:  "Stories like this are why I'm so grateful to be working with the Civil Eats team. Reliably real, relevant and honest food journalism. "Real change will come, [Nicole Taylor] says, when there are more young Black folks in the publishing world, in the podcasting world, and in test kitchens in major magazines.' "

It is of course more about food culture, than art and food culture, but an interesting exploration of cultural appropriation as it relates to food culture.

Beyond Talk: Searching For Real Solutions to Food Appropriation


On Mar 30, 2016, at 4:57 PM, Shilpa Rangnekar wrote:

> Food has bee one of the oldest platform of exchange. Our dependence on food is something that connects us all over the world. At the same time, different ways of cooking and preparations to eat is also something that sets us apart. But over the years there has been a tremendous change in the way we understand, grow, eat and share food. In such a scenario, how does one connects her/himself with their cultural identity, of which food is one of the integral parts.
> Coming from from India, I had often seen food as one of the important factors during community gatherings. There are particular rituals to be followed for specific food preparations for certain occasions. This is how we get out memories of food. Now that I am independent and cook for myself, I often find cooking, family recipes  in accordance to what I am missing/feeling at that moment.
> Food does express itself through several memories from the past and keeps building new ones. I was interested in this aspect of food where it does talk about nutrition, agriculture, sociology and anthropology, but also talk about everyday emotions, feelings and desires and introspect about human behavior.

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