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The poet Aimé Cesaire was born in the French Antilles and wrote a powerful
work, "L' éloge de la Negritude". It was before "The Black Atlantic".
He made an excellent analysis about how much the Civilization was born in
Africa and how much we the white are guilty. Without slavery not wealth and
world domination.
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> Dear <<empyreans>>,
> this month's topic made me curious because of its overpowering
> metaphoricity. Even when race is invoked this is retained. A power in the
> slogan Black Lives Matter. (About which, the imagery of power and its
> toppling, here
> <http://sfaq.us/2016/04/reclamation-the-art-of-dissent-made-flesh/>.)
> By chance, I picked up François Laruelle's “Du noir univers: dans les
> fondations humaines de la couleur” and read in Miguel Abreu's translation:
> In the beginning there is Black
> Black is not merely what man sees in man
> The Universe is deaf and blind, we can only love it and assist it.
> Black prior to light is the substance of the Universe.
> Light strikes the Earth with repeated blows, divides the World infinitely,
> solicits in vain the invisible Universe.
> Man approaches the World only by way of transcendental darkness, into
> which he never entered and from which he will never leave.
> A phenomenal blackness entirely fills the essence of man. Because of it,
> the most ancient stars of the paleo-cosmos together with the most venerable
> stones of the archeo-earth, appear to man as being outside the World, and
> the World itself appears as outside-World.
> ...
> Laruelle also writes "Black is entirely interior to itself and to man."
> And we have to wonder about women.
> Daniel Colucciello Barber, Alexander Galloway, Nicola Masiandaro, and
> Eugene Thacker together wrote a book about Laruelle's aphoristic essay. The
> book came from the staging of a four-night colloquium during which each of
> the authors, on consecutive nights, addressed him-self to her-meticism (& *Du
> noir univers*).
> Best,
> Simon
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