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Yes, Jenny. Political correctness within this context is a big problem.


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> Jenny, interestingly, "the negative of a photograph" meaning of the word
> "arab" in Turkish derives from its slang meaning. There were few black
> people in Istanbul in the lates fifties and sixties. The ones there had
> come from north Africa/Arabia from the time the territories were part of
> the Ottoman Empire. The "official" dictionary meaning of the word
> ("photographic negative") was a derivation from an earlier usage of the
> word (during the time of empire) that had survived as street/kid slang.
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>> Alessandra mentions the incredible amount of work it takes to deny race.
>> But perhaps it is also important to mention that this work is not always
>> conscious and when it is, it can even be with the best of intentions. What
>> has been very eye opening for me in becoming involved with liquid blackness
>> is the ways in which political correctness figures into the denial of race.
>> The avoidance of the issues of race with the desire not to offend or not to
>> misstep participates in the maintenance of the very fish bowl effect that
>> Morrison describes. If Murat's translation had been more politically
>> correct, it would have prevented an encounter with the imbrications of race
>> in the etymology of Arab. But these encounters should be produced, and this
>> history does not disappear simply through avoidance.
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