[-empyre-] Liquid Blackness, Matter & Flesh

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Sun Apr 10 00:56:37 AEST 2016

fascinating discussion, I have only been able to glimpse
but will try to catch up at some point, here just to say thank you
and wondering momentarily about movement, space, form, light,

last night we opened a new immersive dance installation to the public
(our piece is called 'metakimosphere'), a work where kinetic
architectures dynamically interact with matter and flesh, one could say,
and with the sound the black fabrics create, what I am mostly trying to
process, though (for my own learning, engaging with people who
ate blind or vision impaired), was the experence of the pre-audition
yesterday when we led a group of blind people through the darkened
space of movement, where nothing is necessarily seen, yet can be felt.

The blind visitors asked to touch the costumes of the dancers (which
generate the sound). the movement is sound, but does one speak
of a color of movement in this sense?  The 'liquidity" i tried to aim
for in the scenography was inspired by the architectural concept
of liquidity (Marcos Novak), but not in the digital sense at all. Most
of the forms we use are tactile sculptural, anamorphic.

where 'representation' falters a little, at least. 

affects?  attaching meanings and metaphors nevertheless seems unavoidable for the toucher.

Johannes Birringer
'Performance Architectures, Wearables and Gestures of Participation'

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