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Hi Derek,

Let me clarify my position. I am a Jew from the Middle East who grew up in
Istanbul, but I have lived in the States for over forty years. Though I see
the issues raised by "liquid blackness" relevant and provocative, I do not
see them purely from a racial point of view. I saw "liquid blackness" as a
concept relevant to any discussion on the relationship between the powerful
and the oppressed or suppressed or manipulated. For me the consciousness of
"liquid blackness" provided a way to fight, to be less susceptible to
psychological or cultural manipulation. It was basically, as I saw it, a
political concept. That is why I brought in the subject of using the word
"Nigger" in the title of my translation "The Nigger In the Photograph." In
my use of it, the word did not refer to race, but a boy prostitute--of
course, making a link of brotherhood so to speak, between that boy who was
an urchin on Istanbul docks and the black in the United States. During this
past week, I felt the discussion was much more strictly racial, black
artists/thinkers speaking to black artists/thinkers. The quote I included
in my previous post starting the post "'what if we all took time to
make black art?'..." referred to that.


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> Hi Murat,
> My apologies for the slow reply.
> Blackness is a highly contested terminology, so I would say that my
> definition of it would defer from the other respondents. Perhaps we
> should individually define it? I suggest asking Tommy, since I was
> initially responding to his query.
> Derek
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