[-empyre-] All Call: May discussion Social Practice and Social Reproduction: the politics of participatory art

Renate Ferro renateferro at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 05:23:25 AEST 2016

Dear -empyre list servers,

Sorry to interrupt the April discussion but our guest moderator for May,
Kyle Lane-McKinley is looking for weekly guests for his upcoming topic,
Social Practice and Social Reproduction: the politics of participatory
art.  If there are any artists, curators, technologists, or theoreticians
who are interested in joining in please contact me as soon as possible.

Here is a snippet of what is ahead:

"“Social Practice” has emerged as a useful, if contested, term to describe
a variety of contemporary art practices which situate the audience as the
medium or site of creativity. Pulling on tendencies within installation and
performance art, anthropology, and anti-hierarchical political movements,
among others, social practice sits alongside threads of new media
production as inheritors of 20th century avant-garde experimentalism. At
the same time, social practice has met with various criticisms: as a fad,
a-political, utopian, white, erasing past efforts, and more.

In this month’s discussion we aim to interrogate what is meant by “social
practice,” what the political efficacy of such practices might be, and what
the responsibilities of various actors and institutions involved might be
to one another.”

Thanks to all  Renate

Renate Ferro

Visiting Associate Professor

College of Architecture, Art and Planning

Department of Art

Tjaden Hall 306
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