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Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Apr 28 03:43:15 AEST 2016

and to come back to 'metakimospheres' (kinetic atmospheres)
that I mentioned in the first week, I made a small film (2 minutes)
with one of the dresses that the dancer (Elisabeth Sutherland) embodies across sounding-space
for you to glance at, if you like - in this case it's about the weight of
cloth and material, and how even the most delicate gauze can accrue
weight or weightiness - our central architectural dress kept shifting its balance, 
due to the persons moving through, becoming askew, as did the suspended 'mosquito nets'
that cocooned some of the dancers...

As I had already mentioned the audience of vision impaired persons at our performance, for me a most beautiful
moment came when one of the blind men raised the netted dress high up above Helenna Ren, on a string, and
this lift shifted the whole architecture, a little. Then he rebalanced it, though I am not sure what color balance has
in the dark. 


Johannes Birringer

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