[-empyre-] Feminist Data Visualization-- a coda

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Sat Aug 13 03:51:12 AEST 2016

Johannes wrote,

"Erin Leland wrote eloquently on how bodies are inhabited through a replication of body languages, and I found much resonance in this and wondered whether we can continue to discuss a bit,
as our moderator, Christina McPhee, has not closed the debate yet?”

Johannes and everyone,  

Yes it’s true I did not have a chance to thank the guests for July 2016 on -empyre-,  Feminist Data Visualization.  I’d love to do so now by ‘replication’  of lines from thoughtful 
writing that came out of this conversation. I will do so in a series of individual posts, which will hit inboxes over the next hour.

  I ‘ll post a linear text to academia dot edu soon and hope to find more outlets beyond that for this rather profound exchange.

Deepest thanks and respect to these people who gave us so much upon which to reflect in the midst of the chaotic stream of mediated death and life. 

Week 1:  Catherine D’Ignazio, Lauren Klein, Erin Leland, and Lee Mackinnon 
Week 2: Katherine Behar, Fiamma Montezemolo, and Annina Rüst
Week 3: Carolyn Castaño, Johanna Drucker, and Erin MacElroy 
Week 4: Tif Robinette, Beatriz Cortez, and Aviva Rahmani 

in gratitude,


Christina McPhee


insta: naxqqsmash

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