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Beatriz Cortez: favorite quote

"I am interested in the possibility of achieving a vision that deconstructs the normalizing transformation of images into objects or concepts embedded within Western reason (manifest image), emerging instead the possibility of perceiving the building as a platform that is moving through space and time, and thus, seeing the world as difference: as shapes, as shadows, as colors, as negative spaces, and as surreal manifestations of other possible worlds. As the world appears in front of our eyes in moving visions of an inverted reality that disarticulates our normalizing understanding of the world, the construction of the transcendental identities that are the foundation of Western philosophy has the potential of being deconstructed, as it no longer makes sense in a world that is in constant motion, made of inverted landscapes, of shapes, shadows, and moving visions that invited the viewer to become part of other possible changing identities or nomadic possibilities of being in this world.”


Christina McPhee


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