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"My most recent bodies of work are all encounters with themes and images originating in our hemisphere’s narco-­‐trafficking milieu and armed conflicts, with a particular emphasis on how gender and ecological concerns play out therein. These drawings and paintings mix materiality with content
in pieces that consider how the Latin American body and the Latin American landscape remain inextricably linked, even as their surrounding media and political contexts are increasingly digitized and globalized...

 The Female Report/ El Reporte Femenil explores the role of Latin American women in history and the media. In The Female Report/El Reporte Femenil, a single channel video which addresses perceptions of Latin American women in news and ‘infotainment’ culture through a simulated newscast exploring feminism and popular notions of Latina womanhood. Modeled after popular, female-anchored Spanish-language television news programs on Telemundo and Univision, El Reporte Femenil features a fictional newscaster, Silviana Godoy, “reporting” on the past and current status of women in Latin America. Godoy alternates between English and Spanish over the course of an extended, free-wheeling monologue, alighting on the accomplishments and downfalls of Latin American women. The Female Report/ El Reporte Femenil travels between English and Spanish and employs a tongue in cheek or comedic delivery that "reports" on the news or alternate history. The reporter Silvia Godoy interprets her own newscast switching from English to Spanish in an act that Brasilian writer Oswald De Andrade calls Antropofagia, she simultaneously consumes or eats her own words.

The Female Report/ El Reporte Femenil challenges or relocates the official feminist history ( one that is usually centered on the history makers from Europe and the US) by offering the names of key women in Latin American revolutions, art, and literature.

The Female Report/El Reporte Femenil  https://vimeo.com/41060029  “




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