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Fiamma Montezemolo: favorite quote:

"More recently, inspired by Susan Hiller in particular, I've moved away from academic anthropology which was based on my long term fieldwork in Mexico (at the border between TIjuana and San Diego, where I resided for 6 years). As a result, I have attempted to translate my work into an artistic practice with the aim of bypassing the questionable divide between theory and practice, between the conceptual and sensorial. In my research-based art, I began to create inter-media, inter-disciplinary and cross-genre interventions being particularly interested in those practices that reflect on the border as a mobile category of experience, of sensible AND conceptual mediations, disciplinary negotiations, and geopolitical articulations. My very first video work has been in Chiapas with the Zapatistas during the '90s: 

 My focus at the time was on gender and ethnicity from a 'post-feminist' perspective (Donna Haraway, Rosi Braidotti, Renato Rosaldo, etc.). Since then, of course, I moved on to other topics and themes because an 'identity-politics based' orientation became 'majoritarian', so to speak, borrowing from Deleuze and Guattari. At the moment, my major preoccupation is to visualize my research-based art practice through various media forms:

 1) fieldwork intimacy through apps: 


2) Ecological problematics, primarily via installation work: 

3) border issues, primarily via the video-essay form: 
http://www.fiammamontezemolo.com/#traces (password: fiamma) “




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