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Dear Empyreans,
A belated happy 2016 and very grateful to be part of this community!


Ethel baraona Pohl. Critic, writer and curator. Her [net]work is a real hub
linking several publications and actors on architecture and theory. Her
research and theoretical work is linked to leading publications in
architectural discourse, as part of the editorial team of *Quaderns
d’arquitectura i urbanisme, *and as Archis advisors for Volume magazine,
among others. Associate Curator for "Adhocracy", first commissioned for
the Istanbul Design Biennial in 2012 and exhibited at The New Museum, NYC
[May 2013] and Lime Wharf, London [Summer 2013]. Curator, with César Reyes
Nájera, of the third Think Space programme with the theme 'Money'; and also
curator of the exhibition Adhocracy ATHENS [2015] at the Onassis Cultural
Center in Athens.

Co-founder of the independent *dpr-barcelona*, an architectural research
practice based in Barcelona, dealing with three main lines: publishing,
criticism and curating. Their work explore how architecture as discipline
reacts in the intersection with politics, technology, economy and social
issues. Their publications, both digital and printed, transcend the
boundaries of conventional publications, approaching to those which are
probably the titles of architecture in the future.

Ethel Baraona Pohl likes to smell books. She doesn't like vanilla ice
cream… but those grassy notes with a tang of acids with hint of vanilla and
mustiness is irresistible for her. Since a youngster she has been

www.dpr-barcelona.com | @ethel_baraona <https://twitter.com/ethel_baraona> |
@dpr_barcelona <https://twitter.com/dpr_barcelona>


Thank you!
Ethel Baraona Pohl
*critical observer of the real world*
co-founder of dpr-barcelona <http://www.dpr-barcelona.com/> | @ethel_baraona
(+34) 626 048 684

... never forget: 'Love, music, wine, and revolution.'
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