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Hello. This is me


I have watched this discourse for two years and have never participated in
discussion. This is the most anxiety I have ever had in an email.

I have been working/admining in a lot of Facebook media communities for the
past couple of years, including but not limited to the following:





Asemic Writing: The New Post-Literate

I am still young and naive. I would not find it surprising that this all
seems incredibly frivolous.

I am thesising on the affective powers of open-source software at Reed
College, as part of a desire to find the aspects of contemporary technology
that allow individuals to produce sensory experiences with the usage of
minimal resources.

Thank you for allowing me to participate.


On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 12:04 PM, Susan E Ryan <faryan at lsu.edu> wrote:

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> Hi
> I have been a lurker for four years or so and once or twice a guest
> participant, usually invited by Patrick Lichty.
> In 2014 through MIT Press I published *Garments of Paradise: Wearable
> Discourse in the Digital Age*, a historical and theoretical inquiry into
> wearable technology art and design. I won’t be at CAA this year but please
> stop by the MIT booth and check out my book.  Also I manage a blog devoted
> to the book, its subjects, and other interests:
> http://susanelizabethryan.com
> I have been interested for a long time in behavioral phenomena surrounding
> our adoption of technological devices especially as worn on the body.  This
> includes how tour digital interests interface with other behaviors like
> dress and consumerism. I delivered a paper at ISEA Vancouver last year
> called *Hyperdressing: Wearable Technology in the Time of Global Warming.*
> Obviously I am also interested in artists working as activists on behalf
> of the environment and developed a class last semester in which students
> took on environmental concerns in South Lousiaina.
> I only live in Louisiana part time now, the rest of the time I live in
> Santa Fe, New Mexico, a place that is still new to me.
> Susan Elizabeth Ryan, Ph.D.
> Professor of Art History
> Affiliate, Center for Computational Technology
> Faculty, Digital Arts and Engineering
> Faculty, Women and Gender Studies
> Faculty, Film and Media Studies
> Louisiana State University
> http://susanelizabethryan.com
> On Jan 31, 2016, at 8:24 AM, Renate Terese Ferro <rferro at cornell.edu>
> wrote:
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> Thanks Tamiko for posting.   Just wanted to add on bit of history.  When
> Melinda Packham first launched -empyre soft-skin space many of the first
> posts were introductions of each of the subscribers. Though -empyre has
> grown to close to 2000 subscribers strong the moderating team is dedicated
> to preserving the community based feeling of the list-serv.  We realize
> that some of you lurk more than you participate actively but we are hoping
> that all of you will take the opportunity to share who you are this month
> and then in future months take part in one of the discussions.
> See you in Washington Tamiko.   If any of you are in Washington, DC and
> are attending the College Art Association please stop by to see Tamiko and
> myself and a few other -empyre participants Nick Knouf, Claudia Pederson,
> Patrick Lichty and more.  The session is on Friday February 5th at 5:30
> PM.  More info can be accessed here
> http://conference.collegeart.org/programs/augmented-reality-inventionreinvention-2/
> Thanks everyone.  Renate
> On 1/28/16, 5:25 PM, "empyre-bounces at lists.artdesign.unsw.edu.au on
> behalf of Tamiko Thiel" <empyre-bounces at lists.artdesign.unsw.edu.au on
> behalf of tamiko at alum.mit.edu> wrote:
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> Hi Empyreans,
> I was on empyre way back in the beginning, but seemed to have slid off it
> at some point - great to be back on and hearing the updates from everybody!
> Here are some of mine:
> CAA conference, next week in Washington DC:
> I hope to see some of you at the College Art Association conference in
> Washington DC next week! It's my first time, and I'm delighted to be
> speaking about my recent works at the New Media Caucus Showcase, 8-10pm on
> Thursday Feb. 4th, and participating in Renate Ferro's panel "Augmented
> Reality- Invention/Reinvention" on Friday Feb. 5th, presenting a paper on
> joint and individual work "Assemblage and Décollage in Virtual Public
> Space" together with Will Pappenheimer:
> http://www.newmediacaucus.org/events/
> Seattle until April 17th:
> Running until April 17th in Seattle is "Brush the Sky," an augmented
> reality (AR) Japanese calligraphy collaboration I did with my 83-year-old
> mother Midori Kono Thiel, a master calligrapher and well known figure in
> the Seattle art world. Part of the Construct\S group show of installations
> by Asian American women artists at the Wing Luke Museum, in the gallery Mom
> created beautiful calligraphic deconstructions on mylar hangings that I
> further augmented with layers of virtual calligraphy. Additionally we have
> augmented 18 sites around the city to form an alternative historical
> narrative from a Japanese American perspective, tracing 4 generations of my
> family in the Seattle area, from my great-grandfather who sold his produce
> in the Pike Place Market to my own memories of growing up bi-cultural in
> Seattle. Although AR is often used these days to overlay historical images
> at sites to give a then/now comparison, I have long wanted to do a work in
> which historical references are available on the "mARp" (AR map), but the
> AR experience on site is a much more poetic encounter with the multiple
> layers of physical space, history, memory and culture. We selected terms
> that express our relationship to the location, Mom transformed them into
> calligraphy, and I further animated, deconstructed or multiplied the
> calligraphy to create 360° installations at each site.
> http://tamikothiel.com/brushthesky (see link to AR launch map - and
> videos!)
> Vienna March 10th - April 8th:
> The work in progress "I am Sound" is a collaboration with composer/sound
> artist Christoph Reiserer as part of the Digital Synesthesia project
> (project leaders Katharina Gsöllpointner, Ruth Schnell & Romana Schuler of
> the U. of Applied Arts Vienna, Jeffrey Shaw of City U. Hong Kong and Peter
> Weibel of the ZKM Karlsruhe). We are creating an installation that
> incorporates the visitor into a surveillance loop that scans their face,
> projects it magnified 100x onto the broken surface of a metallophone that
> plays a unique musical composition generated from the visitor's face data.
> If we get funding, we will take it to ISEA Hong Kong and hope to see you
> there!
> http://mission-base.com/i-am-sound/
> http://digitalsynesthesia.net/wp/group/
> Seattle, June - August 2016:
> Also very much a work in progress, "Anthropocene Gardens" is a commission
> for a geolocative AR installation from the Seattle Art Museum Olympic
> Sculpture Park. For this I have been researching native plants in
> Washington and the expected climate changes in the Seattle area. I will be
> fantasizing a distopia in which augmented reality plants "mutate" to
> survive the radical climate changes and water level rise (the park is on
> the Puget Sound, just north of downtown), and deconstruct the man-made
> (sic) structures that encircle and cut through the park.
> Bio:
> Tamiko Thiel is a visual artist exploring the interplay of place, space,
> the body and cultural memory. She is an internationally acknowledged
> pioneer in developing the dramatic and poetic capabilities of virtual and
> augmented realities to create spaces of memory for exploring social and
> cultural issues. Her virtual and augmented installations seek to reify the
> invisible webs of meaning that bind place and memory together into the
> assemblage we call “culture,” while actively engaging the viewer's
> kinesthetic body sense to meld this virtual imagery and the physical
> experience of a site into a new form of reality.
> Take care, Tamiko
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