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Hello Empyre list!

I’m a media artist teaching in the Dept of Art at SUNY Buffalo (where it
was almost 50 degrees today). Yikes!

Several years ago I was co-entrepreneur of a virtual sweatshop in Second
Life called Double Happiness Manufacturing – a just-in-time initiative. My
business partner Jeff Crouse and I manufactured Double Happiness jeans
through the cyber sweat and tears of beautiful avatars. You can check out
our jeans here:


Although the Lowrider and MyPants styles were a big hit, our business model
failed so we decided to move on to porn. We created an adult entertainment
website called Laborers of Love/LOL. Thankful to Amazon.com we were able to
crowdsource customers’ fantasies through mturk.com for just a few cents per
video upload. My favorite was “Queering Pluto:”

More recently I’ve shifted from porn to plants and created a series of
robotic gardens called “Reversal of Fortune” that examine the intersection
of crowdfunding, finance and philanthropy. In the gardens, plants represent
human lives. Their lifelines, water, are dependent on charitable social
media transactions that activate automated watering systems.

“Garden of Virtual Kinship” is somewhat of a gigantic aquaponic system
merged with a bank that maps and visualizes the circulation of micro
financed capital as it is exchanged between the developed and developing
world. The installation was featured in the exhibition “Global: Infosphere”
at ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe.


“Planthropy” is a collection of hanging planters that respond to Twitter
posts about why people donate. Each plant represents a different cause such
as climate change, breast cancer and refugees. The installation is
currently on view in the exhibition “Right Here, Right Now” at The Lowry
Galleries in Manchester, England.


And a nice review of the project in Hyperallergic:



Stephanie Rothenberg is an interdisciplinary artist using performance,
installation and networked media to create provocative public interactions.
Mixing real and virtual spaces, her work explores the power dynamics
between contemporary visions of utopia and real world economic, political
and environmental factors. She has exhibited throughout the US and
internationally in venues including Eyebeam in NYC, Massachusetts Museum of
Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) in North Adams, MA, the Sundance Film Festival
in Park City, Utah, House of Electronic Arts in Basel, Switzerland, LABoral
in Gijon, Spain, Transmediale in Berlin and ZKM Center for Art & Media in
Karlsruhe, Germany. She is a recipient of numerous awards, most recently
from the Harpo Foundation and Creative Capital. Residencies include the
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace, Eyebeam Art and Technology and
the Santa Fe Art Institute. Her work is in the collection of the Whitney
Museum of American Art and has been widely reviewed including Artforum,
Artnet, The Brooklyn Rail and Hyperallergic. She is Associate Professor in
the Department of Art at SUNY Buffalo where she teaches courses in design
and emerging technologies.

cheers, Stephanie

Stephanie Rothenberg
Associate Professor, Department of Art, SUNY Buffalo
rothenberg.stephanie at gmail.com
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