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VARGAS CETINA G ABRIELA gabyvargasc at prodigy.net.mx
Tue Feb 2 05:11:33 AEDT 2016

Hello empyrians! Greetings!

I am an anthropologist interested in the arts and technology. Right now I
 am on sabbatical and trying to close my older projects:
* a book on trova music in Yucatan, which has received already favorable reviews by the readers, but needs a few revisions,
* a project on music and technology in the city of Merida, Yucatan, and
* a re-conceptualization of different types of organizations and 
collectives, in order to understand them more in the larger context of 
associations and less as very distinct types of organizations.

In the process of doing research on music and technology, I attended 
classes in sound manipulation and editing, learned to take and edit 
photographs, and had to focus on the intricacies of performance when 
technology is such a big part of sound, mood, colour and sensation. So, 
now I am trying to design courses in what I call holosthetic 
anthropology: embodying theory and expressing one's ideas through 
sensory media and performance. I started doing this in 2012 and now most
 of my classes are graded through some kind of student performance and 
by their use of online platforms to present their work.

My husband, also an anthropologist, and I joined in 2014 a group of 
performance studies comprising some 20 anthropologists and theatre 
studies professors from around Mexico. We have been generating ideas and
 concepts based on performance in order to re-think anthropology, and 
have published several things together. The latest collective product (a 
special issue of an anthro journal, on performance) can be downloaded 
here: http://diariodecampo.mx.

When I return from sabbatical I intend to look for funds for the 
construction of our Lab of the Senses. Igor and I have acquired 
equipment for it, but now I need to find funding for the construction of
 the actual building to house my sound lab (his kitchen is already being
 built, with the help of the Department of Tourism Studies). Once our 
lab is complete we will direct all our efforts to performance 

I thank Tim and Renate especially for this new turn in our careers (my 
husband's and mine) because while we were fellows at the Society for the
 Humanities in 2006 they encouraged us to think through performance, 
inviting me to present my music on theoretical ideas from 
post-structural philosophy, and Tim invited Igor to cook and demonstrate
 the food he was writing about for his book on Yucatecan gastronomy. It 
took a few years for their encouragement to finally push us over to a 
more radical way of doing things, but now it is happening, and it is all
 very very exciting.

Gaby Vargas-Cetina

Gabriela Vargas Cetina

Professor of Anthropology
Facultad de Ciencias Antropologicas
Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Visiting Professor 2015-2016
Instituto de Investigaciones Antropologicas
Universidad Autonoma de Mexico
Visiting Professor 2016
Department of Anthropology
Indiana University - Bloomington
Joaquin Meade Chair in Anthropology 2016
El Colegio de San Luis
San Luis Potosí, Mexico
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