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Tue Feb 2 09:06:08 AEDT 2016

Dear <<empyreans>>,

thank you for the opportunity, extended, to be (re)introduced to this 
list, with which I've been involved if not actively engaged for around a 
dozen years. I've enjoyed the softness of its skin--although in recent 
years it has seemed to have hardened up somewhat--for its inclusiveness 
and openness to giving a hearing to those voices without positions and 
those lacking the trappings, chairs, curtains or blinds, and other 
furnishings, afforded by affiliation and association to institutions: it 
seems to have become more and not less for members who can thank the 
academy. But then I am and remain a newcomer to this sort of privilege, 
having commenced a doctorate based in the research and experimentation 
of a group I established in 2014 for this (and its own, transversal) 
purpose, Minus Theatre, info about which is regrettably, because I hate 
Facebook's corpocratic control of material and immaterial, channeled 
through here: https://www.facebook.com/minustheatre and this 
https://vimeo.com/126010542 too may give some some impression. An 
account of the years previous is yet unsettled, even as I set to making 
in the social network space a freer alternative through a start-up 
called company; it was anyway and always about the unsettling of 
accounts albeit to keep accounts at the time things had to appear 
differently, as can be seen here: 
https://gust.com/companies/littleelephantltd. And when I first started 
contributing to <<empyre>> it was on the PC CRT monitor of the machine 
we had installed at Cafe Brazil (1995-2007, RIP), free for public use, 
where I think I found the  listserv via AltaVista (also b. 1995). That's 
regress. As, then, a longtime (im)poster here I would like to encourage 
others who may be 'lurking' to be fast and flip and never fear failure 
to stick to (routine, settled) discursive protocols or conversational 
etiquette by writing something, particularly when they know nothing 
about it, it will liven things up. Test the porosity. Feel the difference.

Simon Taylor *

Bio: *

Simon is a practice-led PhD candidate and Teaching Assistant atAuckland 
University of Technology, New Zealand. He is director of Minus Theatre 
Research Group, an experimental theatre practice, established to engage 
in artistic research across performative disciplines, natural languages, 
artistic media and expressive materials. His research considers 
communication and noncommunication from the phantasmic register of 
Klossowski’s simulacrum and Deleuze’s (in Foucault’s words) Theatrum 
Philosophicum: a /Simulacrum Mundi/. Minus has originated an approach 
called ‘theatre of the individual life’ (/t.o.i.l./) and cultivates a 
methodology based in the transindividual of Gilbert Simondon and 
Alphonso Lingis's organic and anorganic /transubstantiation/ of the 
human. Simon has a background in professional theatre as director, 
dramaturg, designer and playwright. Simon’s research interests include 
Gilles Deleuze, Félix Guattari, Alphonso Lingis, Gilbert Simondon, 
Pierre Klossowski, immanence, decomposition, simulation and biophilosophy.
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