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Hello Empyre and Empryians,
Long time no write… but I do lurk and  enjoy reading the stimulating posts.

Thank you Renate for the extension of the deadline for introductions,  I seem to hover a bit too often these days in that space of extended deadlines… Here’s my catch up over the last few years, by way of introduction.

I’m inspired to write by seeing the post from Christian Ulrik Andersen from Aarhus University, which brought back  memories of my recent (well 2 years ago now!) guest professorship there, when I met him and Soren Pold and Geoff Cox and so many other great artists/researchers. (I was invited there by Ansa Lonstrop to work on my project on voice and new materialism). I have to say it’s a long time since I’ve gotten up each day to go to work with such a sense of joy as I did in Aarhus. And the conversations there were inspiring for my work. So hej Christian, and any other Aarhus Empryians and lurkers…

That project has become a book that I am writing for MIT Press, Voicetracks: Voice and media and media art in the post humanist turn — hopefully to be out later this year or early next. Other work on the project has been book chapters and journal articles. One chapter is in Konstantin Thomaidis and Ben Macpherson’s, Voice Studies — where it was good to see a chapter by Nina Sun Eidsheim, whom I met at a residency, at Cornell (hey there snow-loving Ithacans!) at the Society for the Humanities. The journal article is in Journal of Sonic Studies 10 http://sonicstudies.org/jss10 <http://sonicstudies.org/jss10>

I’ve been keeping up my art practice with collaborator Maria Miranda (www.out-of-sync.com <http://www.out-of-sync.com/>). We got obsessed with pollution and coal after a residency in Beijing and came home and made the work Coalface, installation and tumblr blog http://coalfaces.tumblr.com/ <http://coalfaces.tumblr.com/>. More recently we’ve been doing work provoked by the cruelties of redundancy — exploring the aesthetics of neolliberalism. We had an exhibition in Sydney last year and one coming up in Melbourne this year. Videos in the project are Shredded: Stuplimity and the Aesthetics of Neo-Liberalism https://vimeo.com/126581615 <https://vimeo.com/126581615> and You will go Quietly  https://vimeo.com/111494446 <https://vimeo.com/111494446>. Making the project to get over my sense of being thrown away by redundancy, we were helped by the Three Stooges, well, two of them did, Curly was made redundant, and Sianne Ngai (Ugly Feelings). We’ve done a bit of radiophonic work too — radio is my first and still dearest love. The work was  Spacejunk http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/360/space-junk/4496330 <http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/360/space-junk/4496330> (We were obsessed with Space Junk for a few years, and made a video too https://vimeo.com/48430885 <https://vimeo.com/48430885>)

I’m now happily located at Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) at the University of Melbourne. VCA is now hosting (along with LaTrobe University) the media rich and peer-reviewed Unlikely: Journal for Creative Arts,  of which I am founding editor. http://unlikely.net.au/ <http://unlikely.net.au/>  Check out the first issue, Feral. There are lots of exciting projects coming up through Unlikely, including this year’s issue on Fieldworks, guest edited by Lucas Ihlein and Brogan Bunt, out of the University of Wollongong. We also are launching a whole new e-publication stream with downloadable e-books and media art projects— all coordinated by Jan Brueggemeier (jan at neture.org <mailto:jan at neture.org>). The first e-publication will be the proceedings (peer reviewed) from a conference, Restructure. Check out the Unlikely website, it’ll be out soon! Also there will be calls for proposals for guest edited editions and for contributions to the third issue, Seed Banks: Creative Ecological Investigations & Critical Plant Studies (working title)

I’ve gone on bit long here so I’ll let my bio and the Out-of-Sync bio do the rest of the talking, it’s nice to be out in the open again after a few years of lurking!

Bio: Norie Neumark is a sound/media artist and theorist.  Her sound studies research is currently focused on voice and the new materialist turn. Her writing on voice includes Voice: Vocal Aesthetics in Digital Arts and Media, (MIT Press, 2010), lead editor and contributor, and an upcoming monograph, Voicetracks – voice, media, and media arts in the posthumanist turn, under contract to MIT Press for 2016. Her collaborative art practice with Maria Miranda  has been commissioned and exhibited nationally and internationally. She is an Honorary Professorial Fellow at VCA and Emeritus Professor, La Trobe University, Melbourne, and the founding editor of Unlikely: Journal for Creative Arts. http://unlikely.net.au <http://unlikely.net.au/>
Out-of-Sync is a collaboration between Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda. We have maintained a collaborative art practice for over 20 years, calling ourselves Out-of-Sync.  Engaged with questions of culture, place and memory, our practice draws provocations, ideas and material from literary texts and popular cultural forms such as film, TV and music – understanding these different cultural forms as ciphers to even greater mysteries. We treat ourselves as (art) mediums – always deep in a state of trance-like séance – passing on these strange disturbances and unclear sightings/sitings that emanate from the vast cultural unconscious. The work that emerges can take many forms, but mostly video, sound, installation and the internet. (www.out-of-sync.com <http://www.out-of-sync.com/>)


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