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best to all  empyrees

for a monkey year 

this one now we are just in  

i have appeared and peered  into  this list for years  

and   as other dead lines loom excuse the the repurposing of this  about you ......   in less than 2400 characters  

Hellen Sky is a digital choreographer, performer, writer, researcher, visual artist, recognized internationally as a leader in the digital performance field. She is valued for her research and reflection on dance, embodiment and human computer interaction. Her work unearths the paradigms investigating choreographic forms that allow dancers agency to  shape sonic and visual  elements as an expansion of artistic expression.


Placing equal value on the movement between all aspects of the work - installation or performance, sound, light, objects, body, texts, screen, textures; the potential of the site, the potential of a gesture, her projects are complex and multi-layered and achieved over a number years and advanced through modular collaborations.


Hellen Sky & Collaborators' work to date has built on computer interactivity and motion-sensing  technology in tandem with the ‘cellular’ perceptual choreographic practices of Deborah Hay; embodiment  and sensibilities  become thus heightened through connectivity and allow to  bring  performers together  globally through the conduit of screens, real time vision-mixing, pre-recorded and live camera feeds and motion sensing technologies, destabilizing concepts of a fixed stage, performer and avatar as different aspects of self



A few projects:


The LIGHTROOM new media movement opera - a glass built ‘theatre’ with complex layerings of images choreographed through the spatial design and live environment: an ode to the end of the 20th century.


Darker Edge Of Night – ( with Dr Garth Paine systems design electro acoustic composer) a suite of wearable wireless bio sensors transmit real time data sets, interpolations of gestures, a blink of an eye, muscle contractions, a finger rotation, sound patches and software analysis interpolates biodata sets as real time orchestrations and unprecedented responsibility for the performer as sound and movement the consequence of simultaneous awareness, a tiny gesture can have a huge affect, voice can become the wind.


Publication include

"Sensing the potential of Difference: a choreography of interconnectivity – a global dance", in Identity Performance and Technology – practices of empowerment, agency and technicity, ed. Susan Broadhurst, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012    


“Sky points us to a global choreography and the multiple sensing of our digitally engaged world – her 'choreography of interconnectivity’ includes our collective cellular breathing and listening where edges smudge.. her perceptual agency is  created through   the listening sensing self, and her connection between self-knowledge and an ethical relationship with the world” - Thecla Schiphorst, Foreword to Identity, Performance and Technology- Practices of empowerment, Embodiment and  Technicity, 2012

best wishes 

Hellen Sky 
digital choreographer, performer, director/teacher/writer/researcher 

Hellen Sky & Collaborators
E- hellen at hellensky.com
Mob +614 03 218 673 
Skype - hellenskype1
U.tube - hellenskyable

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