[-empyre-] Transborder Immigrant Tool - global poetic system and its uses

Ricardo Dominguez rrdominguez at ucsd.edu
Thu Feb 18 01:42:19 AEDT 2016

Hola Tod at s,

The Transborder Immigrant Tool code is an open-sourced gesture and the 
code was released in 2010 during the U.S.Congressional investigation of 
TBT as a "traitorous" gesture against the nation, and code was also made 
available on Brett Stalbaum’s site 
(http://www.walkingtools.net/?page_id=12), that allows anyone anywhere 
who wants to assemble TBT codes to meet the conditions of an giving 
situation. We imagine the code to switch the question of the border to 
its possible use in other borders around the world and the possibilities 
of other global poetic systems to emerge. We also imagine that the 
safety tool aspect of the code is a queering of poetry, that the 
effective code is poetry as well. TBT is not a locative media project 
but a dislocative media performance.

You can also find the code-a-poetry and poetry-as-code in the recent 
publication here:


So anyone of you or your collectives or communities could develop your 
version based the situations and lands you want to
navigate or have other navigate.

Very best,

On 2/16/16 3:39 PM, Johannes Birringer wrote:
> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
> My question yesterday actually was for Ricardo, and his idea of the "taking back gesture" -
> and I inquired about what the preface meant by 'networked existence' and how/whether the transborder tool worked for migrants/asylum seekers/refugees coming across
> borders,seas, rivers, and getting stranded in deserts.


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