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Ricardo, thank you for the link to Alex Rivera’s film. It is interesting to
know this is happening in Newburgh. I’ve been there a few times and as a
city it is struggling with cultural and economic development, this raises
questions like:

How do migrant communities insert themselves into the communities they move

And in return, how open or inviting is the place?

The challenges of working class immigrants integrating into American cities
should not be generalized, but the remittance culture does imply a desire
to return to one’s country of origin.

Grupo Union’s focussed goals in Boqueron seem key to navigating their many
obstacles. The fragmentation of a life connected to disparate places is
used as a tool for empowerment by establishing themselves in both cities
and circulating the resources they have access to.

It becomes problematic however, if the undocumented in Newburgh, as in many
other places, are isolated or disconnected from their immediate

Kindest regards,

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