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Hola Tod at s

Thank you both for you thoughts on TBT Tim and Ashely.

I often connect the performative matrix (or kinopolitics) of the 
gesture/s that TBT functions in as an expanded sense of
Brecht's gestus (that sounds like justice). So that movement across 
border-scapes towards water/sustenance as a
way to manifests a set of social relations: or undocumented or citizens 
without borders , data-body relations,
or geo-relations of flow, blockage, alter-navigations. And yes the 
question of the intimately connected sense of
the political and conceptual become part and partial of TBT's 
recombinant theater. One that includes the NGO's
we worked with on the Anza Borrego area ,in Southern California, 
developing the gesture over a couple of years.

Also, I think, that TBT's geo-poetic system echos the old saw that this 
gesture is not enough of a map or territory, or enough
of a tracing to meet the demands of the utilitarian calls that are being 
made. Yet, this gesture disobeys the demands of border aesthetics as it 
responds the needs of those who are moving across the the Devil's 
Highway everyday and everywhere.

The gesture is not oriented towards tracing the real, but rather an 
experimentation in contact with the real.

That TBT performs something like this.

P.S. I will answer some other questions being posed in the other lines 
of dialogue on list a bit later


On 2/18/16 5:29 AM, Ashley Ferro-Murray Spadola wrote:
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> Thanks, Ricardo, for your description. Inspired by your earlier 
> comments on kinopolitics - I wonder too if we can think of gesture 
> literally as it relates to TBT. I am thinking about the physical 
> gestures of those using the device. Performative gestures of movement 
> across space, toward water, etc. These physical gestures of course as 
> intimately connected to the political and conceptual gestures that the 
> project performs.
> On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 11:56 PM, Timothy Conway Murray 
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>     So very glad to see you back publishing with Ctheory, Ricardo.  The
>     Transborder Immigrant Tool is an incredibly inventive project whose
>     graceful and watery poetry deserves very wide dissemination. 
>     Indeed we
>     might consider electronic publishing, from journal to listserv, as an
>     exemplary means to transversing international borders.
>     Cheers,
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