[-empyre-] the mouth of Duck river / in the Jungle

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Mon Feb 29 03:13:01 AEDT 2016

dear Isabelle

just watched your michinima and interview with the soft-spoken and amazing Zimako
who built the school in the Jungle refugee camp at Calais


It was very moving to watch/listen to this interview, the constant subtle sound of the generator (for electricity) in the background
as Zimako tells you about the classes that were started (an Afghan refugee teaching the computing) in the background, and the
soft spoken man telling us that he had a dream, and wanted to do something different (i.e. build a school in the camp). Your
method of using machinima is extrardinary and also, at the same time, haunting, to me, as the camp, the way your camera or the
game engine now shows it, is void, empty, there is no one in your film. can you tell us more about how you use machinima
to do documentaries  - this is all new to me. and I send you regards, and please come and visit our workshop
when you are in London in April.

Did the French authorities proceed with the bulldozing of one part of the camp?

Johannes Birringer

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