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Dear Empyre,
Thanks to all who contribute and especially those whose constant work makes the Empyre list possible! In response to the recent call for updates, myshort bio and current project summary is as follows: William Bain writes sonnets,half-sonnets, and short critical texts (mostly on Virginia Woolf andModernism). He studies drawing and painting in Barcelona at El Visor. Small format artworkhas been shown locally in collective exhibitions since 2007. A critical piececomparing Woolf’s writing strategies with those of Friedrich Nietzsche waspublished in 2014 by Imaginaires (No.18, Université de Reims, France). Poetry has appeared inonline and paper publications such as BarcelonaInk, On-Barcelona, Red River Review, Zone, among others. In addition to Empyre, contributions are alsomade to the listserv Wryting-l and the Virginia Woolf listserv at Ohio State. Apersonal weblog is online at http://tinyurl.com/pkemmhk
Looking forward to the 2016 discussions! Thanks again to all, William

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