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*Exhibition: Vital Beauty *
Ago 2015 -  Mar 2016
Jaqueline Martins Gallery - São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Banished by the claims of modernism, beauty still assails us to this day.
Here we retrieve it not as a quality, but rather as an imposition. “Things
are their own planets, and have their own geology,” says Lars Spuybroek.
Small, large, ethereal, ephemeral, natural or artificial, things are not
only perceived, but experienced in their atmosphere. They radiate affective
fields. These aesthetic encounters occur in a world that resists the idea
of being crystallized in fixed forms, in a world whose greatest vocation is
its flip side. This sequence of shows for Glory Hole was designed based on
this proposition of beauty as attraction, combining humiliation and
exaltation, fear and pleasure, a transformative and primordial experience
in everyone’s life.

Gisela Domschke - curator


Co-founder and artistic director of Labmovel (honorary mention at Prix Ars
Electronica 2013). Former lecturer of the Centre for Cultural Studies at
Goldsmiths University, in London. Since 2006, I have been working in São
Paulo as an independent curator, producer and project manager of various
cultural events in collaboration with organisations, such as British
Council (UK), Netherlands Media Art Institute (NL), Mondriaan Foundation
(NL), Prince Claus Fund (NL), New Institute of Rotterdam (NL),
FutureEverything (UK), Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (UK), Art
Center Nabi (KR) and others. This work has required close involvement by me
with various partners, direct involvement in programming and strong
collaborative skills. During this period, I have also been lecturing design
and innovation at FAAP (Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado) and Escola São
Paulo, amongst others. My work has spanned social entrepreneurship,
cultural, artistic and educational fields and has been focused on making
links, partnerships and networks across these borders within Brazil as well
as in the context of international developments.

CEL +55 11 9 9600 - 9876
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