[-empyre-] Renate Ferro: new project for 2016

Theresa Ramseyer tlr280mp at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 13:03:28 AEDT 2016


At least every year, I get a Holiday card from the Coming Home Animal
Sanctuary (www.ComingHomeSanctuary.org).  They include a small piece
of plantable paper, cut in the shape of an animal.  It was a goat this
year; I think it was a rhino last year. The card included tells what's
in the paper (flower seeds most of the time), and how to plant it.
The card also says it's 100%biodegradable plantable paper paper from

I've never checked out the website.  I think Mom planted the rhino
last year, but we may have accidentally thrown it out too.

As a low key, low technology "solution," maybe you could print the
drawings on this or similar paper? Depending on how you manipulate the
room temperature, humidity, etc. maybe you could  grow the flowers
from the paper?  Wouldn't create the earth smell, but could be a

One of my friend's daughters reported similar uprooting of a tree or
more at her place after the recent floods.

My Grandpa was a nurseryman, and Mom picked up a lot from him.  Dad is
a farmer's son, and he plants a garden every chance he gets.  I also
have a friend who is very involved with gardening and heirloom seeds.
I will pass your post along if you think it will be helpful to get
their opinions.

Maybe someone else can run with this.

Take care and thanks for reading,

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