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Timothy Conway Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Tue Jan 12 04:13:04 AEDT 2016

Happy 2016, empyreans.  To enter in the New Year, we hope that as many of
you as possible will join us in celebrating our community by posting brief
summaries of your current projects and/or bios this month.  We would very
much like to energize -empyre- at the beginning of 2016 by celebrating our
participants through the remainder of the month.

We realize that the new year's holidays slow things down but very much
hope that you'll all now take a second to flood the site over the next
three weeks with a description of your current projects or bios, which, of
course, will be archived on the site as well.  Although we promise not to
swamp your in-boxes like this again in the near future, we'd like to
encourage our 2,000 subscribers to let us all know who you are.

For me, I finished the fall by closing an extraordinary exhibition of the
40 year history of the Experimental Television Center (ETC), which I
co-curated with Sarah Watson and Sherry Miller Hocking for the Hunter
College Galleries of Art in New York City.  The ETC archives are housed at
the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art, which I curate in the Cornell
 .  I'M now working on developing a large exhibition of the collections of
the Goldsen Archive (http://goldsen.library.cornell.edu), which will be
held at the Archive from mid-March through next October.  We will feature
smatterings from 50 years of media art history, with emphases on video
art, CD-Rom and net.art, as well as the Goldsen special collections from
Asia, US, and Europe.   Since Upstate NY has been the epicenter for so
many developments in the creation, funding, and exhibition of the media
arts, we will feature that history in a segment of the show.  We'll be
holding the opening on March 17 with a public workshop on March 18.

I also continue to write broadly on aesthetics and new media art.  Some of
you might have seen my recent article on Jean-Luc Nancy and technology in
the special issue I co-edited with Irving Goh on Nancy for the journal,
diacritics (volume 42, no 2, 2014).  I am completing a book on curating,
archiving, and new media art, another on contemporary Asian art and am
working on a number of broader pieces on the history of new media art,
including one on Jacques Rancière and media art.

I also enjoy directing Cornell's Society for the Humanities, which
annually hosts fifteen international and Cornell colleagues who join
together to research a common theme.  It's been my mission to bring the
arts into more direct dialogue with the humanities.  In honor of this
year's 50th birthday of the Society, our current research theme is "Time."
 I am also very honored to serve on the Executive Committee of HASTAC.

One of my pleasures over the [ast decade or so has been my involvement on
the -empyre- mediating team, which is now held together by the tenacity
and efforts of Renate Ferro, and now includes Soraya and Derek Murray from
the University of California at Santa Cruz (no relation to me, although we
can always imagine!).  Now closing in on its fifteenth year, we are hoping
to hear this month from our many lurkers on the site and would very much
welcome your participation.

Best wishes for 2016.


Timothy Murray
Professor of Comparative Literature and English
Taylor Family Director, Society for the Humanities
Curator, Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art
A D White House
Cornell University,
Ithaca, New York 14853

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