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Gabriel Menotti gabriel.menotti at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 22:25:23 AEDT 2016

> Hello empyre!
> Hope everyone is doing fine in this beginning of 2016! Following the
> moderators' kind invitation to share a word on current personal projects,
> here it goes:
> APPROXIMATELY 800cm3 OF PLA is an exhibition of all-you-can-print with a
> single spool of biodegradable plastic. Virtual objects are being selected
> from an online open call and produced daily, with a standard amount of
> material each. The resulting collection is a tentative snapshot of the
> current 3D modelling & acquisition state-of-the-art, which brings together
> the visual arts, DIY communities, and high-precision modelling practices.
> The project started as a pavilion/embassy in The Wrong (Again) digital
> biennale, and will be continuing for the following weeks. In the next days,
> we should be making pieces by Vincent Charlebois, Katherine Farley, Jesper
> Carlsen, Brit Bunkley, Vincent Scheers, Joseph Flynn, Javier Fresneda,
> Incandescent Square, Kearra Amaya Gopee, Satu-Minna Suorajarvi, Victor
> Mucelini, Herbert Baioco, Damiano Crotti & MORE.
> The exhibition is contingent to available resources; it will be running
> only until our spool of yellow PLA lasts. Pieces are on display at the
> Baile project space, in the city of Vitória/Brazil. If you want to check it
> out, visit us at Baile or connect to *800cm3.com*.
> New model contributions are most welcome! Send your pieces in OBJ or STL
> format to 800cm at gmail.com.
> Best!
> Menotti
> Bio: Gabriel Menotti is an independent curator and lecturer at the Federal
> University of Espírito Santo, Brazil. He is the author of “Através da Sala
> Escura” (Intermeios, 2012), a history of movie theatres from the
> perspective of VJing spaces, and co-editor of "Besides the Screen: Moving
> Images Through Distribution, Promotion and Curation" (Palgrave, 2015).
> Menotti coordinates the Besides the Screen AHRC research network with
> Virginia Crisp, and is currently working on an upcoming conference about
> projection/ geometry/ performance.
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