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Hi all,

Happy 2016 and here is to a creative year for you all :-)

Thanks Renate and Tim for encouraging empyreans to share their updates. I am a bit of a lurker these days so it is nice to get a bit of a gentle push to share an update :-D

Over the last couple of years I have been focusing on a number of creative projects that are connected thematically around place and storytelling. These projects build on on my continued interest in mapping, land and culture.

Words for Water (http://traceybenson.com/2014/08/12/words-for-water/) has been one of my main projects. It is an expanding project and a few iterations have been presented so far. It incorporates a range of media - video, photography and AR. The project is also collaborative in nature with audio and visual material being contributed from a number of other artists. See Aotearoa: Wai for an example (https://vimeo.com/121078013) 

Finding Ghosts (http://traceybenson.com/tag/finding-ghosts/) is an ongoing AR based project, centring on interpretive walks of the city, using AR to reveal layers of the past, revealing old buildings and stories to give audiences a different experience of place. This project has also been collaborative in nature, working with local knowledge from artists, historians and scientists. In one iteration of the work for Kochi, I used the Long Time No See framework to design a walk that explored sustainability activism happening in Kochi. See http://traceybenson.com/2014/12/08/ltns-determining-the-path/ and http://traceybenson.com/2014/12/12/kochi-ar-sustainability-journey-a-postcard/ 

My other major creative project is a collaboration with Yorta Yorta researcher Lee Joachim - Way of the Turtle. This project is seem as a long term project intended to link art with science and Indigenous knowledge. We will be in NZ at the end of the month to participate in "Water Power Peace" a residency and symposium focused on alternative power and creating artworks that are sensitive to the environment. This event has been put together by Ian Clothier on behalf of Intercreate.org. 

Other things going on - I have been working with Yorta Yorta people to develop an augmented reality interpretive walk. This is a really fun project which will allow visitors to Echuca (a River town in Victoria/NSW) to learn about Yorta Yorta country through using their mobile and hand held devices. When they activate the app, they can view videos of Elders welcoming them and explaining country. This should be live by the end of Feb.

A big highlight from 2015 was participating in a "Booksprint" last November in Christchurch. The ADA project was facilitated by Adam Donavan and other participants included Susan Ballard, Robert Carter, Tim Corballis, Zita Joyce, Helen Moore, Julian Priest and Vicki Smith. Over a week we wrote a book titled "A Transitional Imaginary: Space, Netowrk and Memory in Christchurch". You can buy a copy of the book from the publisher: http://www.projectfreerange.com/product/the-transitional-imaginary-space-network-and-memory-in-christchurch/

For 2016, I am planning to join the Clipperton Project in June on a journey to circumnavigate the Faroe Islands, afterwards I am hoping will segue into a residency either in Norway or Iceland  - though haven't got that far in planning yet!

All the best for a great year!


Dr Tracey Benson

tracey at bytetime.com

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