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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jan 24 03:06:02 AEDT 2016

Hi empyre!

Azure and I have been in Providence now for over two years, and we've been 
unable to make any inroads into the university or local communities. I've 
been relatively isolated, an odd situation after Brooklyn. I continue to 
work on issues of anguish, scorched earth, and genocide from a rather 
pessimistic viewpoint that emphasizes continuous deterioration; I'm also 
working on the phenomenology of edgespace/gamespace 'everywhere,' relating 
this to the idea of blankness historically. I'm trying to deal with as 
much hard science as I understand, in relation to these issues. I've had 
various speaking engagements at universities, working with multi-media 
presentations. In the past three years I've had three cds come out with 
various groupings, and have been working/writing on a philosophy of music 
in relation to just about everything. Most of my work is through email 
lists, social media, and online publications, at this point; I have no 
institutional affiliation, which is somewhat difficult. Azure and I 
are trying to move back to the NYC area; it's senseless to remain in 
isolation here and hard on the psyche. I hope to see some of you at ELO in 
June; if anyone on empyre is traveling through Rhode Island, please stop 

- Alan

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