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Hello and happy 2016, everyone! I am writing from under a foot and a half
of snow in New York, today. I'm looking forward to keeping up with
everyone's projects and research this year.

+ At Postmasters Gallery, I am in a two-person exhibition with Joe McKay
that closes today.
"Kristin Lucas and Joe McKay: Away From Keyboard" at Postmasters Gallery
includes individual works and also collaborative work Joe and I made
together under the collective name, Electric Donut.
• A writer from Masters & Dynamics "The 10,000" blog, did a feature
interview with me on our show. "Virtual Viewership" can be read here:
+ At DiverseWorks in Houston, I am in a group show called "What Shall We Do
Next?" a group exhibition that examines how technology and advertising have
shifted our relationships to our physical bodies, shaping of subjectivity,
and notions of the real.
+ DiverseWorks and Aurora Picture Show have teamed together to program a
night of my videos with live performance on February 20.
+ A hybrid artwork-curatorial augmented reality project that I previously
present in Florida, "Dance with flARmingos" will be expanded up to include
international artist participants for the 2016 Queens International in
Queens, NY, opening in April and running through June.


I am an artist working in a variety of material and immaterial forms
including digital art, experimental video art, animation, hybrid
documentary, multimedia performance, installation, web, augmented reality
and virtual environments. I investigate the uncanny and liminal spaces of
our everyday interactions with technology through circuitous imaginative
works that lie somewhere between reality and “reality”. At the core of my
art practice is a critical exploration of the shifting boundary between the
technological and corporeal, further complicated by ties to a global
economy and issues of gender. My work is under constant evolution as
advances in technology provoke us to rethink cultural assumptions about
identity, behavior, language and property, and the impact of our
innovations on the environment.

I am an assistant professor of Transmedia in the School of Art at
University of Texas in Austin, and I previously taught for the Studio Art
Program and MFA program at Bard College in New York. I currently live
between Austin and New York.
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